I just had my first meal delivered and I can’t believe I was not doing this sooner. Doorstep Nutrition takes all the guesswork out of eating healthy. As much as I try, I am not a good cook. As much as I plan ahead, I’m never able to throw together a healthy meal that I feel good about eating and don’t feel deprived afterwards.

I am a flexible eating vegetarian, and I ordered the mahi mahi cakes. They were out of this world. I felt like I was eating to nourish my body and to fuel it so I could last through all of the activities I need to be engaged in throughout the day. Goodbye guilt from eating chips and cookies because I had not planned a healthy dinner. Goodbye multi-tasking trying to make three different meals for myself, my husband and the two kids. With Doorstep Nutrition, dinner (& lunch if you choose) is done, and so is the planning, bags of groceries that end up in the trash, & my bad-choice guilt. The food is something I can eat every day without tiring of it because it is good..and makes me feel that way!

Allura Estella Hosain

It’s all about the experience you get when you decide to go on the journey of healthy living and I truly believe that what Peter is doing at Doorstep Nutrition is the gold standard experience. Being a decently active person, I have tried numerous different avenues of diet and proper nutrition but haven’t found one that I can keep consistent until now. The food is not only delicious but there is constant support and step-by-step help along the way. Peter works with you to hand craft a program based on your personal goals and dietary needs. I would recommend Doorstep Nutrition to everyone no matter what you are looking for in a meal plan. I feel lighter, have more energy and see a general increase in my day to day life. Doorstep Nutrition is truly the way to go!

Jane Withers

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