Click “Shop” at the top of our home page. This will direct you to our meal plan options. Take your time reviewing each plan to find what is best for you. Once you have chosen your plan choose your subscription length and the amount of meals per week you desire, then simply click sign up now and add it to your cart, then check out!
Once you have chosen your desired subscription length and amount of meals per week you are able to sign up. If you have any coupon codes you may add this then. From there we will get your billing information, have you create your account, and add your desired shipping location, if not the same as your billing address. You are also able to address and preferences and food specifications or dislikes during this process. Then we simply will need your credit card information and you are ready to go!
You will be able to start as soon as our next delivery date. We deliver every Sunday and Wednesday evening
After you sign up with us you can expect a welcome email very shortly. In this email we will review the information you have given to us and your order amount, description and charges, along with your exact start date.
We can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone or text at (248) 909-1817. We also can be contacted by message on our Facebook page “Doorstep Nutrition”. We typically are able to get back to you within a few hours.

Meal Plans

We offer 4 main meal plans: Active Lifestyle, Athlete Plan, Focused Weight Loss, and Weight Loss. Along with these 4 plans we offer a Five Meal Sample to get you acquainted with our program and also Meal Customization which you can work with our customer service rep by email at [email protected]
We offer customization to our clients that allows them to tailor their meals to their exact needs or wants. We also understand that some of our clients may have dietary restrictions, in which case you can reach us by email at [email protected] or specify your dietary needs within our options in our checkout. There is also always room for change if needed within your plan.
We specify what plans are best for each of our unique customers in ever meal plan description. If you have any other inquiries do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] , phone at (248) 909-1817, or Facebook Messenger.
As of right now our snack options are exclusive to our Custom Plan. We do not currently offer any options for dessert. These options will be available in the near future.


The calorie range depends on the meal plan you choose. We focus directly with our members to ensure correct calorie count to their diet and ensure our meals will neither be under or over calorie count on their desired plan.
If you require more in calories than is available in our meal plan descriptions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or specify that with us within your order notes and we will work with you to ensure a meal plan that is to your tasting.
In our meal plans we offer a wide range of protein sources for our members. We use tilapia, cod, salmon, tuna, chicken and all types of steaks. Our fish selection will vary based on what is currently in season to insure freshness to our members.
The containers that we package the food in are microwave save. All you have to do is take the lid off and place in the microwave for 1:30-2:00. Heating times vary based on microwave.
Depending on what meal options you choose (breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner) it will vary. Our lunch and dinner options are similar and can be interchangeable; however, this will all also depend on what kind of meal plan you have chosen and if you need to eat certain meals in a specific order to insure specific results.
Our meals last up to 5 days when properly refrigerated.
To insure the highest quality and freshness to our members, our meals are never frozen.
⦁ for diabetes due to the fact that we only use complex carbohydrates which breakdown and metabolize slowly in the body, which insure that there will not be a high spike in your body sugar. If you do not wish to have certain carbohydrates please feel free to contact us and let us know at any point or put it in your options notes on your account. Please remember to always contact your doctor with any new changes to your diet.
We do not use any mayonnaise, butter, or processed/artificial sweeteners in our meals. We only use unsaturated fats high in omega-3 and omega6, and fatty acids such as salmon, avocado, olive oil, seeds and nuts.

Our menu changes week to week and we put together meals based on your likes and dislikes which can be listed in the checkout process.
We currently deliver to a roughly 20-mile radius around West Bloomfield, Michigan. In the near future we are looking forward to being able to reach more clients by over night shipping our all-natural, fresh, delicious meals!
We deliver our meals to your billing address or to your location specified in your account with us. If your location happens to change or you would like to have meals received somewhere else during that week contact us and we will make sure we get your meals to the right place and on time.
We deliver our meals fresh to you every Sunday and Wednesday evening between 6pm and 9pm. These days are to insure freshness to our members as our meals are also prepared for you these mornings.
If you have not received a planned delivery it is most likely you may have missed a payment with us, in that case we will be able to get your meals out to you in the next delivery period following your payment. If a missed payment is not the reason then it may be an uncommon delivery mistake on our part and in that case please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to insure that we correct this mistake as soon as possible.
We will pick us your bags and ice packs at each new delivery. If you are not available during that delivery time simply place them outside your garage or door and we will make sure to pick them up. In the case that you do not wish to leave them there please let us know and we will gather them from whatever other location you have chosen.
For delivery issues please contact our email address at [email protected]. If you would like something changed or added to your regular meal please specify that and we will be sure to change that on your account within 3-4 business days.
Orders are automatically set to reorder four days before the end of the subscription.
In the case that you have decided not to renew your subscription with us please let us know by email and be sure to have all of your bags and ice packs returned to us to avoid not receiving your deposit of $30 back. Must send email five days before the end of the subscription.
In the event that you are away or on vacation please contact us by email and let us know so we can pause your account for you, then simply inform us when you have returned so that we may proceed with delivery.
We accept all major forms of credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. These payments can be made online at the time of checkout on your account. In the case that you wish to pay with cash please contact us by email at [email protected] or phone at (248) 909-1817 to let us know.
To view your invoice or billings please visit your account on our website, www.DoorstepNutrition.com, or email us at [email protected] and request the information.
Due to sanitary concerns we do not take back containers from our members; however, we kindly as that you do recycle your containers through your home or business address.


Feel free to contact us by email at [email protected], phone call or text at (248) 909-1817
, or through our Facebook page, “Doorstep Nutrition”. We look forward to being able to answer any inquiries you may have for us. If we do not answer right away you can expect a reply within a few hours.