I know just as much as anyone that it is incredibly hard to lose weight and get in shape. At the time of graduating high school I weighed 415 pounds. I tried everything from multiple workouts a day to extremely calorie restrictive diets in hopes to lose weight but nothing worked. After graduating high school I set out with the goal of playing collegiate football. A very ambitious goal considering that I had severe back pain and was never able to play high school football as a result of my weight. While in college I did extensive research on how to lose weight. I found that there is no long term replacement for a clean healthy diet, but the problem I had is that it is nearly impossible to eat clean all of the time. That is when I started to meal prep for myself. Through trial and error with different diets and food I was able to finally start shedding some of my weight. Fast forward three years and I was able to realize my goal of playing college football free of back pain and down more than 100 pounds. This is when Doorstep Nutrition was born, family and friends saw my success and wanted to try it for themselves. Every program that Doorstep Nutrition offers has been used by myself to make sure of effectiveness to best reach the intended goal. I can say with full confidence that these programs work great and are incredible easy to follow. With clean eating made easy I want to share the solution and help everyone that is searching for a solution.

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