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Product Description

The diet is very easy to follow and the results are amazing. We typically see weight loss in the 15-25 pound range within four weeks.

The basics of the diet has five rules:

  • Stick to Slow-Carb Diet approved foods 6 days a week: lean meat, beans, and veggies and no white foods like sugar, pasta, rice, bread, cheese.
  • Eat the same few meals over and over again.
  • Don’t drink calories. 1-2 glasses of red wine is okay.
  • Don’t eat fruit. Tomatoes and avocados are allowed in moderation.
  • Take one “cheat day” a week: Eat whatever you want on cheat days. Saturday is recommended for the cheat day.

Sample Menus


  • 3 eggs (16g) with 3 slices of Canadian bacon (13g)
  • 2 eggs (12g) with 1/2 cup black beans (20g), salsa and guacamole
  • Egg white with veggie and ham, soufflé


  • Roasted chicken with mixed vegetables
  • Grilled chicken with salsa and black bean hummus
  • Beef and bean chili
  • Salmon with asparagus or green beans
  • Lemon chicken with broccoli and black beans

Additional Information

Subscription Length:

Weekly – As low as $12.49/Meal, Bi-Weekly – As low as $11.99/Meal, Monthly – As low as $11.35/Meal, 3 Months – As low as $10.55/Meal, 6 Months – As low as $9.99/Meal

Meals per Week:

10 Meals, 15 Meals, 20 Meals, 25 Meals


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